Dating cameo jewelry

There are certain things you can do to determine if you cameo is made of plastic or of shell or stone.One is the hot needle test, which is to place a hot needle against the cameo. Also, if the cameo is real then it will be cool to the touch. Not all cameos are carved and not all cameos are of women either.

The patented designs from a given year or a given decade show the popularity of styles, materials and themes, and indicate the types of findings and the methods of construction being used for the time period.If it is plastic, it will melt, and then you know it isn’t real. Cameos have been known to be of nature, mythological creatures, men and animals.They can be painted or carved and they can be from various time periods.I have been seeing more and more cameos, not just in my business, but in magazines and at auctions as well.There is nothing more beautiful than a cameo that is well made and authentic, but the truth is, these days it isn’t that easy to spot the cameos that are vintage and authentic.

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