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As Puerto Rico remains crippled by a stubborn recession, tourism has been the sole bright spot, with visitorship and revenues up for the past three years. Between March and May, 35 groups canceled trips to the island planned for 20, including large city-wide conventions of 1,500 to 2,000 people. territory, its Zika troubles received heavy attention from media in the U. As the virus spread throughout the region, the negative press grew.

The number of cases turned out to be far less, but the number is growing. As of Friday, there were 10,690 confirmed cases of the virus among Puerto Rico’s 3.5 million population, according to the most recent statistics from the Puerto Rico Department of Health. The numbers in Puerto Rico are startling compared with the United States, which had 1,962 cases for the entire country as of Aug. Following the CDC’s projections in February, Puerto Rico’s visitorship dropped significantly.

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Hot bodies, piercing eyes, and a hint of surprise, that’s what Puerto Ricans are made of! Ok, ok, no need to shout, just read on to discover which Puerto Ricans get us all hot and bothered! )Roselyn Sánchez It comes as no surprise that Roselyn Sánchez is no stranger to these types of lists.

If you’re Puerto Rican you must be dying to know what sexy actors, models, singers, and athletes you share your roots with. The actress and model won Miss Puerto Rico in 1993, Miss American Petite in 1994, and has since appeared on La La Vazquez Anthony It’s a surprise La La Vazquez Anthony’s husband Carmelo Anthony allows this disc jockey and TV personality to attend any of his Knicks games, we’d be too distracted by her sexiness in the stands to pay attention to the game!

Naya Rivera When presented with a woman as jaw droppingly gorgeous as 26-year-old actress Naya Rivera, we can’t help but feel inadequate in comparison.

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