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The virtual shindig room has been closed due to abuse - ILLEGAL ABUSE. *** You know who you are if you participated and you will be reported to the appropriate authorities *** 600 ? Yes, there was a cabal involving Franklin, who did use Boystown as a victim pool, and some of those victims "collected" more in various fashions, which is likely what happened to Johnny Gosch.600: true);' I haven't used the room in a long while but I just stopped by today to see if it was still active and I saw the following message posted by Chatzy: "ROOM CLOSED This room has been closed due to the exchange of child pornography links or information in it. 600: true);' That's Nebraska state senator John De Camp attorney at law, who won a million-dollar libel case proving this is true. And yes, the "midnight tours" of young men/boys of the white house is true, complete with documentation, and as a result of that mess a civil judgement was rendered against Franklin for the crime, that document is available upon request, and one of the co-defendants died under very bizarre circumstances shortly after a book on the matter was released, also a matter of record.The payment services are run by Epoch and CCBill which are safe, trusted services that bill discretely. Im Live may have the highest model count of any site we’ve seen.There are over 80 thousand registered hosts, and around one one thousand online at any given time of the day.--- Gooper Blooper: here is a petchy Ruby Chao: patchy better waterproof those books Aurora Harpy: patchy waterproofed all her books Aurora Harpy: its canon Jumpropeman: so many books with no titles, how does she ever find what she wants to read Gooper Blooper: magic Aurora Harpy: magic Ruby Chao: magic Jumpropeman: so you're telling me Jumpropeman: its magic Gooper Blooper: yes Aurora Harpy: yes Ruby Chao: yes Jumpropeman: just had to make sure --- Jumpropeman: I'm gonna go put butter on bread, fold the bread, and pretend that's food --- Tableter: Eating pasta with goat's cheese and thinking of wulf Tableter: #roleplayproblems --- Ruby Chao: "'Fucking fuck,' were the two words that escaped her mouth after a few moments." this line is one of the best exemplifiers of zfrp reimu ever Ruby Chao: imo Gooper Blooper: I loved that too, chao Gooper Blooper: zfrp raymoo in a nutshell Seth Rollins Lost His Finisher: Reimu: FUCK YOUR SHIT YOU MOTHERFUCKING MOTHERFUCKER Seth Rollins Lost His Finisher: Villain: Engage the Reimu motherfucker.Gooper Blooper: inhale my danmaku enragement incident --- Seth Rollins Lost His Finisher: "Touhou: Most of the games made before Phantasmagoria of Flower View don't fit well with later canon. The sixth through eighth are definitely canon, but present the setting of Gensoukyou as a large place, filled with mystery and danger, while later worldbuilding would establish it as fairly small, generally understood, and most of the danger being posed only to non-natives. --- Ruby Chao: goops Ruby Chao: would i be able to get away with replacing yuugi Ruby Chao: with nightmare and ziggo Ruby Chao: (disclaimer: i won't because i have no idea what they are) Gooper Blooper: no Ruby Chao: thought so Gooper Blooper: Skip to Gooper Blooper: ZIGGO'S GREATEST OPPONENT: A THING THAT CAN BARELY MOVE --- Aurora Harpy: Kevin also has control over mustelids Aurora Harpy: goddamn thieves Aurora Harpy: srsly ivel can testify, ferrets will take anything ivel joined the chat Gooper Blooper: timing ivel: ferrets can and will take literally anything they can ivel: (she told me to join) Ruby Chao: kek Aurora Harpy: albus would kidnap a baby and claim him as his child Aurora Harpy: (albus is his ferret) Ruby Chao: oh good Ruby Chao: see i've been meaning to do something about this random baby... :v Aurora Harpy: well when all your enemies are dead regardless of curves or stength... Pantyhose Seth Rollins Wearing Pantyhose: Okay so it's an appropriation of this costume Seth Rollins Wearing Pantyhose: But it still looks like pantyhose to me on some level Gooper Blooper: I like it. was gonna make a joke but forgot it rather quickly Gooper Blooper: not sure if canon: Celestia experienced various personality changes/fads to reflect each kin during the pregnancy Gooper Blooper: I'm pretty sure I already canonized Sarah made her eat like crazy Aurora Harpy: extreme hunger cravings when sarah Jumpropeman: Josephine: Buy like crazy Jumpropeman: Gloria: Read like crazy Jumpropeman: Ariel: Die like crazy Gooper Blooper: Gloria made her research a million "YOUR FIRST BABBY" books Ruby Chao: Ariel: Shoot people with a bow like crazy Ruby Chao: helios got a lot of practice with his white mage during that one Aurora Harpy: Ariel: made her decide making a garden was a good idea Gooper Blooper: Josephine, she'd panic about being able to afford all these kids and would research moneymaking and moneysaving methods Jumpropeman: Ariel was a natural birth, no drugs, and in a forest, and the doctor was a deer Bree: paging doctor deer Bree: paging doctor deer to the maternity ward Jumpropeman: *Dr.--- ☯✞follow for more soft goop✞☯ joined the chat Ruby Chao follows Draco: We don't want'cher "soft goop" around here, bub. =p Jumpropeman: does that mean Jumpropeman: I'm gonna RP Jumpropeman: MASTER BELCH Draco: You totally should.

Hruppyp-n-ghi: Here we go; the classic ZFRP argument. Hruppyp-n-ghi: Though to be fair, most of the ones there -are- buxom. : U Hruppyp-n-ghi laughs wickedly at harps' assertion and griiiiiiiiiiiiins until Del bans him Ruby Chao: on one side, suho and sephine Ruby Chao: on the other side, yuugi and silence : V Aurora Harpy: in the middle: Kevvy Ruby Chao: *kevvy and tenshi Tableter: Kenshi and tevvy Gooper Blooper: apparently the actual best body is a tall one - the other two tower over the poor girl in the middle Hruppyp-n-ghi: Hehhehhh. Deer breaks down the door in a giant robot* --- Gooper Blooper: At this point I expect CW to just give up the charade and RP as Daredevil Ruby Chao: do it cw Ruby Chao: doooo iiiit Gooper Blooper: when you're this interested in something this close to RP Gooper Blooper: it just tends to happen Gooper Blooper: (and then chao brings in Banjo-Kazooie) Draco: Does this mean I'll be RPing Jurassic World and Star Wars?

In the ’90s, AOL was the king of online chat rooms.

Today, people have more options than ever and can find a site that’s specific to their interests and desires, including movies, TV, politics, sports, dating, and, since we’re talking about the Internet, sex.

Such activity is illegal in the United States (where our server is located) and in most other countries. I have enough to deal with as it is and it would really help me out if everyone just be a bit more civil to their fellow Browncoats. The original problem was a chat room at chatzy called 'virtual shindig'. He's being interviewed o na world-wide radio broadcast by Alex Jones at Infowars Radio. They were layin' the nuns; that's been goin' on for years, centuries. As for whether "Talon News" (a fake news shill organisation for the Bush administration) operator Jeff Gannon is in fact Gosch or not, that is unknown because when his actions were exposed he quite wisely went into hiding - however immediately after that mess went public authorities rounded up and questioned photographer Russel "Rusty" E Nelson, who when released also immediately went into hiding after making a few comments that seemed to implicate Hunter S Thompson as an additional acomplice and precipitated Thompsons suicide soon after.

If you are the owner of this room and believe this judgement to be incorrect, please contact us via the feedback form. Let's all just end this decade on a good note and start the next one right. It was a place I created for browncoats at to hang out and meet and chat, kind of a 'spin-off' of Virtual firefly. For live radio he censored profanity and cannibalism from his reading of a sworn affidavit from his client Paul Bonacci, who confessed to helping kidnap Johnny Gosch, aka Jeff Gannon. But the Catholic Church went to hell three or four centuries ago. Given that Thompson was investigating a certain type of film at the time in hopes of bagging a 0,000.00 bounty for proof that such existed, it's quite likely he may have gotten sucked into that mess deeper than he would have liked in it's pursuit, but I doubt anyone will ever know for sure.

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