Steps for updating hp ux with update ux

This document describes everything there is to know regarding Upgrade-UX, an Open Source upgrade and patching framework designed to assist the UNIX system engineer in patching or upgrading systems in a consistent and repeatable way with evidence before and after the running In professional environments it is not allowed to just blindly update an UNIX system without testing this first out on a development system, pre-production and so on.The upgrade-ux product allows you to repeat this process in a consistent way and as many times as you like on any system.We also keep of each run an unique log file, and furthermore, we keep evidence before and after patching in a special directory.Months later we can still inspect these logs and evidence directories to verify what happened or what has changed in the meantime.Prerequisites There are two prerequisites for deploying the 'CA - HP-UX 11- Quality Pack Bundle xxxx' package. Find the section titled "find standard patch bundles" 4. Q: What is the release cycle for HP-UX Quality Pack Patch Bundles?

Download new firmware from HP website (for example BL860c firmware here). This should be tar file which you can un-tar on HPUX server. # /usr/sbin/efi_mkdir -d /dev/rdsk/c2t1d0s1 /efi/hp/firmware # /usr/sbin/efi_cp -d /dev/rdisk/disk1_p1 update_/efi/hp/firmware/update_# /usr/sbin/efi_cp -d /dev/rdisk/disk1_p1 fweupdate_1p92/efi/hp/firmware/fweupdate_1p92Once you are done with copying firmware in EFI partition, reboot the system. **** **** **** **** v1.00 **** **** **** ************************************************************************* Executing Command line options: -mnu F.........................................

During an update from HP-UX 11i v2 to 11i v3, existing legacy DSFs are retained and persistent DSFs will be created.

Configuration files will not be modified, so system devices will continue to use the existing legacy DSFs.

NOTE: In HP-UX 11i v3, there are two types of DSFs for mass storage: legacy DSFs and persistent DSFs.

Both can be used to access a given mass storage device independently and can coexist on a given system.

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