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I’m going to be nice and I’m just going to chill out and have my mom deal with that.’ But they don’t do that.”The South African beauty added that she loves seeing Jackson and August’s special sibling bond.

“I’m a single mom, and I have an incredible village that helps me raise these two beautiful kids,” she said.

"We were very, very new in a relationship," she told the magazine, which published its Theron feature online Monday. So there was an understanding that I was a single mom with a very young boy who I had to put in a situation where he understood that Mommy dates but that he does not have a father, you know what I mean?

"The stories saying that Sean was going to adopt Jackson and all of that were not true. You have to be very careful and very honest about that stuff.

UPDATE: More evidence -- when they hugged each other goodbye, Charlize's hands are clearly UNDER KEANU'S JACKET!

But on Saturday, Charlize Theron, 41, was decidedly low-key in a hoodie and sunglasses as she jetted out of LAX with her daughter August.

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