Userdisp aspx not updating

These timer jobs are the User Profile to Share Point Full Synchronization, and the User Profile to Share Point Quick Synchronization. The profiles moved over fine as did the permissions.

However neither the quick or full sync, would work. No amount of manually running the timer job made a slight bit of difference. So how does Share Point keep the site collection user lists and the UPA profiles in sync?

The team that named this param were having a right laugh.

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The sync command also allows you to clear these tables: –o sync –deleteolddatabases 0 Funny thing is it doesn’t actually delete databases, just the sync info.

Once a user profile is created additional information about the user can be added to the user profile properties by the user itself, an administrator, a Business Data Catalog data source or an LDAP directory.

By default data from user profiles is shown in the People Search results, on the My Site and in the User Information list of MOSS and WSS sites.

From next time, it checks the content database for the user info and if it finds it displays the data from the content database.

This post is going to discuss user profile synchronization, and how to update user profile information for users determined not to be active in Share Point Server 2010.

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